Committee on Ministry

Moderator  Sandy Safford

The Committee on Ministry (COM) provides guidance and assistance to churches without ministers; serves as a validation committee for ministers not serving churches; counsels sessions, ministers, and persons on pensions; and receives and dismisses ministers.

COM Sub-Committees

Pastoral Care Team

            Moderator  Bill Sanders
Providing care and support for ministers/teaching elders serving in congregations is the focus of the work of this Committee on Ministry team.  Members of the team regularly reach out to ministers with calls or visits as well as needed for resources for their unique life and ministry situations.  

Commissioned Lay Pastor Ministry Team

             Moderator CJ Biewenga

Oversees and coordinates the entire program for people discerning about and preparing for ministry as a commissioned ruling elder (CRE).   CREs currently serve in leadership in congregations of the Presbytery.