Committee on Preparation for Ministry - Examination for Candidacy

The Inquirer Examination for Candidacy
Sample Questions for Commissioners

Individual Christian Faith

Can you give us a brief overview of the faith journey that has brought you to this point in your life?

Can you tell us about your spiritual practices?

How has Scripture shaped your life?

What does being Reformed mean to you?

Is there one concept of your faith that is particularly meaningful?

Christian Service Undertaken

What forms of Christian service have you undertaken prior to and during your time as an Inquirer?

What has participation in a particular church meant to you?

What have you discovered are your specific gifts for ministry? Challenges?

Motives and Inspirations for Seeking the Ministry

Are there people who have inspired you to seek the ministry?

Can you tell us about your motives for becoming a Teaching Elder?

How does your cultural background relate to becoming a Teaching Elder?

Report of Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Motions Acted on by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry

May 9, 2017    The Committee moved to continue Mark Hutton, who is certified ready to receive a call, for another year.