A One-Year Presbyterian Experience in Church Planting - Colorado Springs

A one-year residency is available in Colorado Springs beginning in summer 2019 within a program for forming new faith communities. Under the sponsorship of the Presbyterian Church (USA) 1001 Program for establishing new worshiping communities, this residency provides the resident with valuable experience in forming new communities of faith and concomitantly fosters the church planting work of the Presbytery of Pueblo.

The resident will engage in three activities as follows.

  1. The resident will assist Rev. Collin Downing (M. Div., Fuller) in his ministry of establishing a new worshiping community in the Ivywild neighborhood of Colorado Springs (Wayfarers Chapel, now in its fifth year).

  2. The resident will survey various localities within the Presbytery of Pueblo (southeastern Colorado) having potential for being the setting for starting a NWC. These localities include urban places with various social justice issues, rural areas containing small cities which economically have been left behind, mountain towns with a tourism basis and a focus on an outdoor lifestyle, and university settings with a potential for a campus ministry that evolves into a new worshiping community.

  3. After doing the initial survey of potential new worshiping community places, the resident (in cooperation with the Presbytery) will select one in which to begin preparing for a new worshiping community. This work will include doing a neighborhood assessment, developing relationships within the community, identifying and developing relationships with potential ministry partners, and developing a mission plan for moving forward.

The ideal applicant for this residency will have a strong allegiance to Jesus Christ, strong entrepreneurial inclinations, willingness to be a risk-taker, a love for gathering people together for a common purpose, a sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit, and a passion for bringing the uncommitted into a relationship with Jesus.

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