Interim Pastor - Providence Presbyterian Church | Parker, CO

Providence Presbyterian Church is seeking an Interim Pastor to serve a part-time call of 80% while the congregation searches for a full-time pastor. The Interim Pastor is invited by the Session to preach the Word, administer the sacraments and fulfill pastoral duties as required. This would include drafting and coordinating the printing of the Sunday and Special Worship service bulletins, responding to pastoral care as needed and serving as moderator of both scheduled and called Session meetings.

The Interim Pastor shall be available for initial family and individual counseling needs and possess adequate knowledge of appropriate community referral resources available. The Interim Pastor will monitor the counseling process.

Incoming inquiries and church correspondence will be reviewed by the Interim Pastor and appropriate action taken. Session members will be contacted as needed to assist in the coordinating of responses. The Interim Pastor will also provide guidance and advice on church issues. The Interim will assist the church as it works on the interim tasks of:

1) Coming to terms with history

2) Discovering a new congregational identity

3) Facilitating shifts in lay leadership and changes in congregational power structures

4) Rethinking and renewing denominational linkages

5) Preparing for a new pastoral leadership and a new future

Terms of compensation and work schedule will be finalized during negotiations. Terms of Call must be approved by the Committee on Ministry through the COM liaison, preferably well before the final offer is made to the candidate.

The Interim cannot apply for the Installed Pastor Position. The Interim contract is for one year, renewal upon evaluation and concurrence of session and the Interim.

Interested Interim candidates please submit Personal Information Forms to:

Providence Presbyterian Church Session
Attn: Interim Pastor
18632 Pony Express Drive, Suite 105,
Parker, CO, 80134 

Or email:  Subject – Interim Position

Questions may be directed to Steve Heald at 303-730-5759