Malawi Mission Partnership

Contact:  Phylis Ritscher   303-794-6591

The Malawi Mission Partnership seeks to empower pastors near the capital city of Lilongwe with ongoing education for ministry and with food security for their families.  Did you know that 85% of pastors worldwide have no more than a 6th grade education?  Our Mission Partnership is working with Veritas College in Malawi to provide 35 pastors in one village with 2 years of training on how to accurately interpret and teach the Bible.  Each of these pastors must also raise maize to feed their families.  So we recently funded a 2-day training on how to plant maize in a manner that resists drought while also enriching the soil.  We have great hopes for how this whole village will benefit from our support of their pastors.  

  • Participating Churches:  First Leadville and Trinity.