December 4th

To:  Ministers, Commissioned Ruling Elders, Certified Christian Educators, Candidates and Inquirers
From:  Tom Sheffield
Date:  December 4, 2014

Author, Author ….  Holly Inglis, currently the Educator at Wellshire Church, has served churches across our Presbytery with her gifts for and skills in education.  Now she has written a new book so that churches and church leaders across the country can receive her insights.  Below, Holly shares about Sticky Learning  (published by Fortress Press, 2014):

"Sticky Learning addresses recent research and developments in cognitive neuroscience in light of traditional teaching methodologies.  While the book is specifically targeted toward college and seminary professors, the principles are equally applicable to any classroom setting.  Without too much difficulty, the Five Tips for Sticky Learning which are suggested in the book can be transferred to adult education classes, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and even worship.  In addition, the book also provides a basic overview of how learning occurs in our brain, what the different types of memory are, and how memory is created.  Any learning setting that primarily uses auditory methods can become more ‘sticky’ by making some simple shifts in who delivers the content and how the content is delivered.”

A Celebration of Service Honoring Stated Clerk Anne Bond takes place on Thursday, January 15 at Wellshire Church.  This gathering will include a time to Meet and Greet Anne at 5:30 p.m., a program beginning at 6:30 and dessert at 7:30.  You are asked to RSVP to the Presbytery of Denver by sending a check for $20 per person.  You can also register and pay on-line by going to the Presbytery website ( and clicking on “Events.” 

The December Service of Communion will be held on Thursday, December 11, at Peoples Church.  If you are receiving this message, you are personally invited to attend this time of worship and sacrament and gather with other colleagues for some great food and conversation.  The service will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the church and, following the service, we will go to a near-by restaurant for lunch together.  Cost of the lunch will be between $10 and $15.   I know it will be Advent and things are getting more and more pressured in congregational ministry, but I also hope that you will allow this season to be one of forming deeper relationships and new friendships with other servants of the Church.  Please RSVP no later than Tuesday, December 9 to 303-777-2453 or

From Anne Bond   Anne has a run of Interpretation journals to give away to the first applicant.  She says, “I am missing only four issues of the quarterly from January 2000 through October 2012.  The winner gets all!”

Celebrate Ordination Anniversaries for December

Two of our colleagues mark “silver” anniversaries of their ordinations as Teaching Elders this month:

     Heidi McGinness     Ordained on December 10, 1989  
     Celebrating the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of her Ordination

      Allen Smith         Ordained on December 16, 1989   
      Celebrating the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his Ordination

We give thanks for Heidi’s and Allen’s ministries and for all the ways they continue to serve for the work of Christ.

 Other Ministries and Opportunities for You 

The Next Presbytery Assembly on January 27, 2015 will be held at Calvary Church.  It will be a full and important Assembly that will include:  the installation of our new moderator, Ruling Elder Diane Ritzdorf, and our new vice-moderator, The Rev. Mark Vickstrom; the recognition of the ministry of our current moderator, The Rev. Dr. Dee Cooper; a report from the Interim Stated Clerk Search Committee; a recognition of our relationship with The Colorado Trust; updates on Committee on Preparation for Ministry policy redevelopment; debate and voting on changes to the Book of Order; information about allocations for mission partnerships and covenant communities; the election of synod commissioners; a presentation of and vote on a new Vision Statement for the Presbytery; and recognition of the service of Stated Clerk Anne Bond.  The pre-assembly time will focus on the proposed changes to the Book of Order with particular emphasis on the proposed changes to the definition of marriage.  More information about the pre-assembly presentations and dialogue and other items of business will be available next month. 

Being Leaders:  Living into Your Call is a special event for teaching elders, ruling elders and deacons, sponsored by the Council’s Leadership Work Group.   It will be held at First Presbyterian Church of Brighton, on February 28, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  The Rev. James Gale, Coordinator of Theocademy, a discipleship and leadership training series for Presbyterians, will be the leader and there will be opportunity for exploration and dialogue about the challenge, opportunity and possibilities of being a leader in our congregations.  More detailed information will be available next week. 

Swim with the Dolphins is a special trip offered by Montview Blvd. Church and to be led by Dee Cooper, August 2-8, 2015.  Full information is found on the Presbytery website ( under Events.  Deadline for registering is December 31.