A New Day in a New Year

Tom Sheffield, Presbytery Pastor

It is the new day in a new year.
Rising above the horizon, the sun begins to shatter the darkness of night. Across the plains it slowly illumines all that stretches out before it. It creeps across the near endless expanse of land stretching out, it seems to our eyes, to eternity itself. In the light, in the plains, we touch eternity. In the light, in the plains, eternity touches us. In the light, in the plains, God’s eternal presence is with us. 
As the light rises in the sky, it covers city and suburbs where the tangle of buildings and highways and the endeavors, struggles and hopes of human life are revealed.  God’s light and our lives intertwined.  God’s ways and our work joined together in that light. Our lives accepted by God.  Our lives used to transform the world. With the coming of sunrise we feel the warmth of affirmation and assurance, the possibility of doing new things, being new people.  Christ’s life is imbedded in us.  Nothing can separate us from Christ.  Nothing can separate us from each another. In Christ we are one. 
The light climbs to the peaks of one of the greatest visions on earth, the Rocky Mountains. Creating these mountains took more time than we can grasp and hold in our imaginations. Nearly imperceptible shifts pushed up this colossus. Their illumination reveals that great change is part of all creation, all life, our lives.  Yet the coming of such change requires time. It demands patience.  It waits for God. 
In this new year may the Presbytery of Denver capture again the gifts of the plains, the city and the mountains.
          May we allow ourselves to abide in the endless, eternal God present with us in every sunrise, always, and into eternity. 
          May we claim the courage to work in the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ who surrounds and keeps our lives. 
          May we allow ourselves to receive with joy and acceptance the change that comes, seek the change that is good and possible, share in the astounding, surprising Spirit that creates change and wait with patience for the change that yet is to come. 
     With that prayer,
        with that hope and faith and love,
            in the love of God,
                the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
                    and the communion of the Holy Spirit,
                        may we prepare for a new year together!