Celebrating the Church

Tom Sheffield, Presbytery Pastor

Have you noticed?  Most often, celebrations come at the end of a month or, at least, they come with a month far along in its days:  Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December, Presidents’ Day in February.  But not in July.  In this month we begin celebrating within the first few days and we celebrate the Fourth of July with  flags flying and bands playing and parading and fireworks exploding in the night sky and great foods grilled to perfection..  

Maybe I am the only one, but I have noticed a lack of celebration in the church.  Concerns and worries and gloomy predictions dominate more than anything else.  I certainly would not say those things are not true. But they are not the only things.  There are moments of grace that penetrate the deepest gloom.  There are gifts of love that are offered. There are people of faith and courage who give sacrificially and hopefully.  There are these and more that can be celebrated now.   Therefore, if you will allow me, I ask you to let the coming of July’s celebration of our nation encourage our celebrating the church, too.  Let it allow you to see and hear and hold to those moments, rejoice in those gifts and give thanks for those people who are the church with us.  There will be other times for worrying.  Let this time be one of joy for all we are given, for all we are, and for all we yet will become, through God’s constant, astounding, mysterious, abundant love for us all.       

More Celebrating … Ordination Anniversaries in July 

We celebrate with two colleagues who mark their fiftieth anniversary ordination anniversaries this month.    We rejoice in these significant moments in their ministries.

Bud Everitt     Ordained on July 7, 1965

Larry Angus    Ordained on July 26, 1965

May they know our prayers of gratitude for their service.  And may we together seek to serve with renewed strength, courageous vision and deep faith in the Living Christ. Amen.