Wrapped in Prayer

Tom Sheffield, Presbytery Pastor

In Zimbabwe one is wrapped in prayer.  I returned from being with our partner, the Presbytery of Zimbabwe our sisters and brothers in Christ and once again I received the gift of their prayers, at every turn, in each home, in all their churches. It is a gift that also is yours.  You may not know them by name.  You may not be able even to pronounce the names of their churches.  You may never meet, face-to-face.  But they are praying for you.  Half a world away, people in churches of all kinds, are praying for “our partners in Denver.”  I hope you feel strengthened in that knowledge.  And I hope you pray for them. I also hope you continue to pray for one another and also hold in your hearts the following prayers which come from colleagues and congregations.
Celebrate as the Sandahl Family welcomes Caleb, born on July 4.  Dad, Cody, is pastor of First Church Littleton. 
Let hope and courage fill all  those who serve the Presbyterian Church (USA)  as they face daily challenges and work to claim a new vision.
Remember the families, friends and communities who continue to grieve following the massacres in Emanuel African American Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.
Give thanks for our Mosaic Diversity Work Group who called us all to prayer immediately following the news of that tragedy.
Seek Christ’s gift of reconciliation for our nation, divided by race.
May God strengthen our national leaders in the courts, legislature and White House that what they do and decide may bring about the common good.   

Neil Berry asks us to pray particularly for the Supreme Court of the United States following its decision regarding the right of same-gender marriage.
Fred Wollerman began treatment for cancer this week.  Pray for Fred’s healing and patient endurance and continued trust in God.
The churches of our presbytery who are in the New Beginnings process are entering a new phase and ask our prayers for their time of leadership training and small group discussions.
Christians are struggling, persecuted and risking their lives for the Gospel in countries across the earth.  Pray for our sisters and brothers who are seeking to be faithful wherever they are.
                                                                  Other Requests and Reminders
The deadline for Staycation, our very special opportunity for all the Presbytery family to learn and simply enjoy the wonders of Highlands prior to and during the Presbytery Assembly, is July 23.  Go to www.highlandscamp.org to register today!
A Request from Laura Sugg, Pastor of Wheat Ridge Church:  Can you recommend a good sound engineering company (who would come to Wheat Ridge)?  In the next couple years, we will need to update our sound system/microphones in the sanctuary and perhaps in Fellowship Hall.  I'd like to know of reputable companies that work well with churches and produce good products to ask for a free evaluation and quote.  Any help would be appreciated!  Please reply to me at LauraSugg@comcast.net.