Will you come and follow me...

Do not miss this opportunity! This is a critical and challenging time for church leaders in every single congregation. We read it in our statistical reports, we see it in our sanctuaries, church schools and congregational events, we know it in our own families and we feel it in our hearts. The November Leadership Retreat aims to address our concern and then move ahead with deep and lasting ways to grow the church once again. Simply put, you need to be there and you need to bring other leaders of the church with you. November 10 and 11 we will gather at Highlands and join Ray Jones of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, where he heads our evangelism ministries, who will lead our time together. On Sunday November 12 you also can attend a special afternoon workshop with Ray at Wellshire Church.  Ray will preach at Wellshire in the morning services. To register for the retreat go to highlandscamp.org.  To hear more about the plans contact the Presbytery Center (303-777-2453) or speak with any member of the Leadership Work Group (Nancy Dixon, chairperson, Dee Cooper, Ki Park, Diane Ritzdorf, Maria Shupe, Olivia Hudson Smith and Lemuel Velasco).  Again, I encourage you to attend this important opportunity as we work together for the present life and future ministry of the whole church.

Arrival of Presbytery of Zimbabwe Delegation.  On October 21 the 2017 delegation from the Presbytery of Zimbabwe will begin its time in our Presbytery. The Rev. Anna Banda, who is the Chairperson of the Western District of the Presbytery, and also Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Mhangura, and her husband, Moven, who have been spending their Long Leave with us, will join the Rev. Lydia Neshangwe, Stated Clerk of the Presbytery and also Minister of St. Andrew’s Church in Bulawayo, and the Rev. Everisto Musedza, Minister of St. Columba’s Church in Mutare and also the Convener of the Presbytery’s Church in Society Committee. While in Denver, they will be attending or meeting at more than twenty-two of our congregations, preaching in twelve congregational services of worship, participating in meetings of the Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries Committee and its Short-term Service and Central Fund Sub-committees, the Presbytery Council, and the mission partnerships and task force related to Zimbabwe, participating in the Presbytery Assembly on October 24, and sharing in the Leadership Retreat on November 10 and 11 at Highlands (see above for more details of this event). For most of their time they will be hosted in homes of church members in various parts of the Presbytery. They also will be enjoying “down time” and relaxed moments as they gather with members of the Zimbabwe Community here in Denver, share in many luncheons, parties and dinners and enjoy several days at Highlands. The continuing purpose of delegation visits is to broaden and deepen our partnership together and to discover new ways we can grow in understanding of the global church and our common ministry in Christ. I hope you each have an opportunity to spend time with and hear from these delegates and discover the on-going joy of our partnership. 

We celebrate with two colleagues in their marriages! On September 9th Jim Emig married Donya Powell in Elbert.  John Anderson and Cynthia Koerner married this past Saturday, October 14 in Colorado Springs. We rejoice in this great news!   

             The grace of Christ attend you,
             the love of God surrounding you,
             the Holy Spirit keep you,
             that you may live in faith,
             abound in hope,
             and grow in love,
             both now and forevermore.  Amen.

                            From the Book of Common Worship

In Peace,