The Season of Lent

      The Season of Lent possesses many experiences, varied hopes, diverse agonies. I am thinking of each one of you who possesses one or more. 
The minister who is overwhelmed by the rush of programs, services, studies and sermons and yearns now for the final “Alleluia” of Easter Sunday.

  • The one who is aching to be able to serve in this season in a congregation. Any congregation. All seasons.
  • The retired minister who remembers, maybe gratefully, maybe sadly, how it used to be when the calendar was full.
  • The minister who not only serves outside but feels outside of congregational life and looks enviously at the dependable rhythm of the church year.
  • The educator who struggles to find understandable words to explain the Mystery of Resurrection to young disciples.
  • The mother or father who wishes there could be time right now to spend with family during a vacation week.
  • The minister who faces death, death in the church, death of the church, death of a relationship, death of a dream in a season pointing to new life.    
I am thinking of each of you and all who are serving in different ways.
I am praying for all of you as you look for the sign of new life to come also to you.
I am believing that the Promise of Resurrection will be ours in this season.
         Resurrection God, you bring life to that which was dead.  You bring joy to our sorrow, comfort for our tears.  O God, make us brave disciples who will not accept the dominance of death but will work with you, believe in you, hold steadfast to you as you create new life, new joy, new love in and around us by the power of your Son, our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  Amen.
              A Prayer from Gentle Words in a Raging Storm by Gary Weaver