We Celebrate

  As we celebrate the goodness of our nation and the freedom of life in the United Stated, I am led also to celebrate the church, the Presbytery and the faith that joins us together.  I am celebrating... 

  • Our congregations who in every place want to serve the world both around them and beyond them and continue to be lights of caring and grace.
  • Our ministers who are creative, energized, hopeful and ready to serve.
  • Our Presbytery leaders who in a time of change embrace the possibilities of the future and meet the challenges of the present fully and joyfully.
  • Our structure in the Presbyterian Church (USA) which continues to offer greater and greater possibilities to serve, ways to address the pain and failings of our world and our nation, reach out to global partners, bring possibilities of reconciliation within and beyond the Body of Christ that is our denomination and a sign of our intertwined and interconnected lives with one another and in Christ.  
  • Our faith in Christ that makes fear of all kinds powerless, peace our continuing work and love always possible.    
  • All that you do every day to show that faith,  live without fear, create time for peace and show the love of Christ.

In Peace,


“You are not alone,
   I am with you;
   I am you.
  For I needed another human instrument to continue my
          Incarnation and my Redemption.
   Out of all eternity, I chose you,
   I need you.”

                From Prayers by Michel Quoist