Values of Denver Presbytery

VITAL CONGREGATIONS: The mission of the Presbytery is expressed primarily through its congregations. The strength and health of the Presbytery is, therefore, dependent upon the strength and health of its churches. We want a structure that focuses the resources and energies of the Presbytery on the vitality of our congregations.

INTERDEPENDENT PARTNERSHIPS: One of the unique characteristics of the Presbyterian Church is its connectional nature and its parity between the laity and the clergy. Members of the PC(USA), therefore, hold a dual citizenship: members of a local church are also a part of the Presbytery; officers serve in local situations, but are ordained for service for the whole church; pastors are members of Presbytery while having a unique relationship to the church that calls them, etc. We want a structure that nurtures and develops interdependent and mutual partnerships throughout the church.
CARING COMMUNITY: As a provisional demonstration of what God intends for all humanity, the church must reflect the justice, mercy, inclusiveness and reconciliation of God. We want a structure that will foster caring, open and diverse community, capable of using the gifts of creativity that come from healthy conflict, within and between our congregations as well as in the life of our Presbytery.
RESPONSIVE MISSION: The church is called to undertake the mission of God even at the peril of losing its own life. We want a structure that is flexible and intentional enough to effectively bring the grace of God to the needs of our community and world though multiple expressions of mission.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: The call to service as an officer in the church is a high and holy calling. We want a structure that encourages and equips leaders for ministry in the church and mission to the world.
EMPOWERMENT: The most effective decision-making occurs when located closest to those involved. We want a structure that delegates to those committees, task forces and other entities closest to the point of action the authority to make decisions and the power to act.