Racial Ethnic Diversity

Chairperson: John Yu 

This Work Group consists of the responsibilities listed below:

  • Advise the councils, committees and commissions of the presbytery in implementing the principles of participation and inclusiveness
  • Advocate in the presbytery for the representation of racial ethnic members on presbytery entities.
  • Develop strategies that assist churches in increasing racial/ethnic membership, participation and leadership.
  • Develop strategies to assist Sessions to expand racial/ethnic awareness and diversity.
  • Provide leadership development for racial/ethnic persons in congregations and the presbytery.
  • Provide demographic studies to the presbytery and to congregations that specifically identify trends among racial/ethnic groups.
  • Address issues unique to racial/ethnic persons in Denver Presbytery. Issues would include but not be limited to: immigration laws, education, health care and housing.
  • Support development of ethnic specific and multi-cultural congregations.
  • Support outreach from the presbytery and congregations to racial/ethnic persons.