Covenant Communities

Covenant Communities consist of continuing members of Presbytery and three or more sessions of churches of the Presbytery that covenant to work together to nurture and develop vital congregations. Covenant Communities shall be established by the Council for a period of at least two (2) years and may be renewed or changed every two years upon request of the covenanting sessions.  Covenant Communities are expected to submit an Annual Report online or by mail to highlight their work, stewardship, and challenges.  Forms for formation, renewal, or funding may also be submitted online or by mail.

Our Covenant Communities include:

Cross Cultural Covenant Community

Contact: Robert Williams  303-997-9978

Cross Cultural Covenant Community is committed to creating a stronger connection between believers from different cultural backgrounds. They accomplish this through joint worship services, fellowship opportunities and education opportunities.  Cross Cultural Covenant Community provides college scholarships and liaisons for students that would otherwise face financial challenges in furthering their education. They host ESL and citizenship classes throughout the year.  During seasons of the year, they offer medical services, children’s programs, and other opportunities for fellowship, learning, and self-development.  

  • Participating Churches: First of Littleton, Shepherd of the Hills, Iglesia Presbiteriana de Valverde, Vietnamese Presbyterian Fellowship, Grace.