Mission & Ministry Work Group

This Work Group supports the Presbytery’s cooperative mission and ministry groups.  Such groups include Covenant Communities, Mission Partnerships, and Task Forces (“mission groups”).  Among other responsibilities, the Work Group guides each mission group’s formation, renewal, and funding process.  Its recommendations are sent to the Presbytery Council for approval.   The Work Group also provides a Presbytery liaison to each mission group to offer assistance in the process of grant applications, renewals, coordination of schedules through the Presbytery Office, promotion of events of the mission group to the Presbytery’s congregations, and other input to guide mission groups toward healthy and effective mission practices.  It regularly provides programs for mission education to equip and strengthen the leadership in the Presbytery and its congregations so they may help meet local and global ministry needs.


Through the generous mission pledges of congregations in the Presbytery of Denver, the Presbytery is able to provide funding to mission groups, based on need, stewardship, and available funds.  A mission group that has been organized and/or renewed and is current with its Annual Report may request funding for its mission efforts.  As stewards of mission pledges received from congregations in the Presbytery, we seek to maximize our collective impact in healthy, effective, and mutual transformation through mission.  The Work Group will compare your Funding Request to the Presbytery of Denver’s Values Statement and will look at each participating congregation’s involvement in the life of the Presbytery, including the churches’ denominational mission pledges (as a percentage of their overall budget), leadership in Presbytery groups, and participation in the Presbytery’s events and work.  The amount of available funds varies from year to year.

Covenant Communities

Covenant Communities consist of continuing members of Presbytery and three or more sessions of churches of the Presbytery that covenant to work together to nurture and develop vital congregations. Covenant Communities shall be established by the Council for a period of at least two (2) years and may be renewed or changed every two years upon request of the covenanting sessions.  Covenant Communities are expected to submit an Annual Report online or by mail to highlight their work, stewardship, and challenges.  Forms for formation, renewal, or funding may also be submitted online or by mail.

Our Covenant Communities include:

Cross Cultural Covenant Community

Contact: Robert Williams  303-997-9978

Cross Cultural Covenant Community is committed to creating a stronger connection between believers from different cultural backgrounds. They accomplish this through joint worship services, fellowship opportunities and education opportunities.  Cross Cultural Covenant Community provides college scholarships and liaisons for students that would otherwise face financial challenges in furthering their education. They host ESL and citizenship classes throughout the year.  During seasons of the year, they offer medical services, children’s programs, and other opportunities for fellowship, learning, and self-development.  

  • Participating Churches: First of Littleton, Shepherd of the Hills, Iglesia Presbiteriana de Valverde, Vietnamese Presbyterian Fellowship, Grace.

Advocacy for Faith Formation

more information coming soon

Participating Churches: Byers, Central, Grace, Peoples Presbyterian Churches

Mission Partnerships

Mission Partnerships consist of two or more sessions within the Presbytery that wish to work together to address an identified need, such as a need in the local or global community, among a particular people group, or in response to a crisis or systemic problem.  A Mission Partnership shall be established by the Council for a period of time up to two (2) years and may be renewed or changed every two years by Council upon request.  Mission Partnerships are expected to submit an Annual Report online or by mail to highlight their work, stewardship, and challenges. Forms for formation, renewal, or funding may also be submitted online or by mail.

Our Mission Partnerships include:

The Carpenter's Helpers Mission Partnership

Contact:  Mark Christman   303-480-9013

The objective of The Carpenter’s Helpers is to build one house each year for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.  The Mission Partnership builds houses, celebrates Dedication Ceremonies for new owners, works at the ReStore, and organizes clergy and women build days for special fellowship.  The Mission Partnership helps to raise funds for house construction through pumpkin sales, the Amen Open golf tournament, pancake breakfasts, and other fun events.  

  • For more information, visit: www.habitatmetrodenver.org/about-us/
  • Participating churches:  Calvary, Central, North Highland, First of Lakewood, First of Littleton, St. Andrew, St. James, Shepherd of the Hills, Wellshire, Wheat Ridge, Westminster.   

Central Visitation Program Mission Partnership

Contact:   Becky Demcovitz  303-279-8742

Central Visitation Program is a low-fee supervised visitation program that provides a safe and comfortable environment in which children and non-residential parents may visit.  The parenting time is supervised by volunteers and allows children the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the non-residential parent that might not otherwise be possible.  Supervised parenting time is designed to be a temporary solution to allow the children to be safe, happy and maintain a relationship with a parent until the parent resolves court or lifestyle issue.  

  • For more information, visit www.cvpdenver.org.  
  • Participating Churches:  First of Brighton, Montview Boulevard, Central.

Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage Mission Partnership 

Contact:  Sarah Savage   719-486-6447

The Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage Mission Partnership is working to introduce and expand the national Presbyterian Pilgrimage program in the Denver Presbytery.  The Mission Partnership involves Presbyterian leaders and pastors in the Pilgrimage movement.  A Pilgrimage spiritual renewal weekend is led by fellow Presbyterian members and pastors, who guide participants to see God's love and life with God on a personal level.  Even after the weekend concludes, participants receive support to find new ways to live a vibrant life of Christian love in their churches and communities.  

  • For more information, visit www.coloradopilgrimage.org.  
  • Participating Churches:  First Presbyterian Church of Leadville, Church of the Eternal Hills.

Empowering Incarcerated Women - Making Choices  Mission Partnership

Contact:  Memory Wollenweber ‭(303) 358-7050

Central Visitation Empowering Incarcerated Women – Making Choices Mission Partnership promotes, supports, and recruits mentor and teacher volunteers for the program “Making Choices.”  This 10-week program taught at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility is designed to teach and mentor decision-making skills to incarcerated women.  With classroom learning time and weekly sessions with volunteer mentors, incarcerated women learn decision making skills rather than acting with reactionary thinking.  Because of the dynamic value of the curriculum and the deeply intrinsic value of the one-to-one partnering relationship, the recidivism rate of Making Choices graduates is 8-12% compared to the Colorado average of 53%.   

  • For information about the program or the Center for Spirituality at Work which organizes this effort, visit www.cfsaw.org/our-programs.

  • Participating Churches: Central, Trinity.

Guatemala Mission Partnership

Contact:  Duane Lyman 303.323.5124

Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, First of Englewood, St. Andrew, and Good Shepherd Presbyterian are partners with Living Waters for the World to provide safe drinking water, health and spiritual education, and micro business training to communities of greatest physical, economic and social need.  Since its founding in 2013, the Partnership has installed one water purification system per year in towns and rural Mayan villages.  We are dedicated to building long term, authentic, and enduring relationships with the pastors and families in these communities.  Your support and involvement both here in the United States and on our mission trips are most welcome.  For more information, visit our website, click here

  • Participating Churches: Good Shepherd, Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, St. Andrew and First Presbyterian of Englewood.

Highlands Day Camp Mission Partnership

Contact:  Kerry Yates   303-662-4344

Working together with key volunteers from each congregation, Highlands Day Camp Mission Partnership allows summer staff from Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center to produce a vacation Bible school-style program with Highlands flair.  Particularly for churches that serve young children who might not otherwise be able to attend camp in Allenspark, this Mission Partnership offers day campers a fun introduction to Christian fellowship and study.  

Lomagundi Clinic Mission Partnership

Contact:  Starr Hildebrand    303-420-4186

Lomagundi Clinic Mission Partnership has been formed to share with the Presbytery of Zimbabwe in providing healthcare for the community.  This mission partnership helps to support the Lomagundi Clinic in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe and assists in providing financial support, supplies, medicine and training.  

  • For information about the Lomagundi Clinic, visit www.lomagundiclinic.org.
  • Participating Churches:  Arvada, Genesis, Wellshire, and Wheat Ridge.

Malawi Mission Partnership

Contact:  John Anderson   303-422-3656

The Malawi Mission Partnership seeks to empower pastors near the capital city of Lilongwe with ongoing education for ministry and with food security for their families.  Did you know that 85% of pastors worldwide have no more than a 6th grade education?  Our Mission Partnership is working with Veritas College in Malawi to provide 35 pastors in one village with 2 years of training on how to accurately interpret and teach the Bible.  Each of these pastors must also raise maize to feed their families.  So we recently funded a 2-day training on how to plant maize in a manner that resists drought while also enriching the soil.  We have great hopes for how this whole village will benefit from our support of their pastors.  

  • Participating Churches: First Leadville and Trinity.

Network Ministries Mission Partnership

Contact:  Wayne Ott  303-636-4431

Network Ministries Mission Partnership reaches out to the homeless with a place for them to go for coffee, conversation, a warm coat, toiletries, or a Thanksgiving meal.  Members of the participating churches not only collect these needed supplies, but they also spend time at the coffeehouse caring for those who visit it. Network Ministries isn't a soup kitchen, bank, social services agency, or a crash pad.  We're here to build long-term redemptive relationships.  

New Genesis Helpers Mission Partnership

Contact:  Joyce Coville,  303-871-8991  

New Genesis Helpers Mission Partnership joins Central and Grace Churches in their effort to address the issue of homelessness and also assist New Genesis in maintaining and invigorating this therapeutic community.  It also seeks to improve the living conditions for the 140 working men housed at Central. 

Presbyterians for Second Wind Fund

Contact:  Gerry Hopkins   303-985-9174

Presbyterians for Second Wind Fund Mission Partnership was created to decrease the incidence of teen suicide by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for at-risk youth.  Partnering with Second Wind Fund, Inc., the Mission Partnership helps to raise funds through walks/runs, golf tournaments, and other activities, so that the organization can offer treatment services to at-risk children and youth, and can urgently match them with a licensed therapist in their local community.  

  • For information about Second Wind Fund, Inc., visit www.thesecondwindfund.org.  
  • Participating Churches:  Green Mountain, Arvada, Church of the Hills, First of Lakewood.

Zimbabwe Kidz

(formerly known as Connecting Mission Partnership)

Contact:  Sharon Lynch   303-798-9881

Zimbabwe Kidz, formerly known as, Connecting Mission Partnership, was formed to raise finances for the education of children in Zimbabwe.  The needs to be met are determined through communication with a subcommittee in the Presbytery of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Kidz Mission Partnership.  Our main goal is to provide clean water at the Presbyterian schools that do not have clean water or churches that desire to have a pre-school program and are required to have clean water.  Donations specifically toward school supplies are always welcome.  

  • Participating churches are Green Mountain, St. James, and First Presbyterian Church of Litteton.

Zimbabwe Mission Partnership

Contact:  Susan Jones   303-929-1133

The focus of the Zimbabwe Mission Partnership is to feed, and provide school fees, tuition, uniforms, nutrition supplements and medical care for the orphans enrolled at the Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care Center (HCOC) near Murewa, Zimbabwe.  In addition, ZMP raises funds to support local farming for food production and for essential new construction projects.  Operating funds for support of school teaching and administrative staffs, HCOC staff and building and grounds maintenance and repair are included in ZMP’s budget program.  

  • For information, visit www.zimpartnership.org.  
  • Participating Churches: Brighton First, Eagle River, Elizabeth, Good Shepherd, Kiowa Creek, New Hope, Providence, Strasburg, Wellshire, Westminster.

Task Forces

Task Forces may be established either on the initiative of the Council or on the initiative of three or more teaching and ruling elders (total) associated with at least two congregations within the Presbytery.  The purpose of the Task Force is to address a specific need not otherwise being addressed, usually leading to a project or event with a defined and limited time period.  A Task Force shall be established by the Council for a period of time not to exceed two (2) years.  Forms may be submitted online or by mail for formation, renewal, or funding may also be submitted online or by mail.

Our Task Forces include:

Nakai Task Force

Contact: Kim Graber  303-921-4292

Nakai Task Force, which is working to support women's health in Zimbabwe by partnering in education and other areas of support for health care for girls and women of all ages. (Nakai is the Shona word for beautiful, well, and healthy)

Immigration Task Force

     Contact: Sheri Fry

The Immigration Task Force commission as assigned from The Presbytery of Denver Council is:

• To review PC(USA) policies relevant to the current socio-political situation regarding US immigration and consider if and how the Presbytery of Denver should respond.

• To gather and share all relevant gatherings, materials, education and develop a viable way to share with our congregations, pastors, and presbytery.

• To support education, resources, and information for churches who are actively seeking involvement regarding the immigration issues.  This includes networking congregations that are interested in the  Sanctuary Movement.

• To work closely with the Racial Ethnic Diversity Work Group and the Diversity Roundtable.

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