Task Forces

Task Forces may be established either on the initiative of the Council or on the initiative of three or more teaching and ruling elders (total) associated with at least two congregations within the Presbytery.  The purpose of the Task Force is to address a specific need not otherwise being addressed, usually leading to a project or event with a defined and limited time period.  A Task Force shall be established by the Council for a period of time not to exceed two (2) years.  Forms may be submitted online or by mail for formation, renewal, or funding may also be submitted online or by mail.

Our Task Forces include:

Nakai Task Force

Contact: Kim Graber  303-921-4292

Nakai is the Shona word for be well and healthy.  The purpose of this task force is to support Zimbabwe women suffering from breast cancer.  The task force is in the process of investigating the viability of partnerships in the areas of education, screening, and treatment of breast cancer.  The ultimate goal would be to create an infrastructure for this objective, and eventually create a foundation that would  continue the work.task force will organize a series of educational, cultural, theological, political events and celebrations for Denver Presbytery, recognizing and valuing the diverse gifts of Latino/ an Americans in our worship community.  They will utilize both education and celebration in order to gain an understanding and an experiential sense of how Latino/as enhances our spiritual lives and church ministry.