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Traveling Together in Exile - Lunchtime Reflections Part III

  • The Presbytery of Denver 1710 South Grant Street Denver, CO, 80210 United States (map)

Traveling Together in Exile

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There has been an undeniable sea change in attitudes toward church in America.  Worship attendance has been on the decline for over a decade.  Those who once felt confident about how to plant a new church or to grow an existing congregation, now feel at a loss of how to minister in this climate of skepticism.  The tide has turned and we find ourselves to be strangers in a strange land.  The 'promised land' ministry of American Christianity has been lost.  But a new calling, that of 'being faithful disciples in exile,' is before us.  Locating ourselves in 'exile' will allow us to see how the kingdom of God is still dynamically unfolding around us today.


WHEN: Wednesday, July 18th
TIME: 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
WHERE: Presbytery Center, 1710 S. Grant St., Denver

Our third lunchtime gathering will be Wednesday, July 18th, from 12:00-1:15 pm at the Presbytery Center.  In preparation for that gathering, please read Daniel 3.

In 2018, we are incorporating more theological reflection in our presbytery assemblies.  Our presbytery worship services will explore this paradigm shift from ministry in the 'promised land' to faithful ministry in 'exile.'  We will locate ourselves alongside Daniel, who figured out how to remain faithful to the LORD while serving in the courts of Babylon.

We invite pastors and elders to join us for a lunchtime theological reflection on faithful discipleship in exile. In preparation for our March, May, and August presbytery assemblies, we will gather together for a lunchtime theological reflection in February, April and July.  Daniel's faithfulness in exile might show us how to serve God as strangers in a strange land. The worship service at the presbytery assembly following our lunchtime conversations will present the insights discerned over lunch.  

We are traveling together.  It's always safer that way.  We are traveling in unfamiliar settings. The old ways of being church are no longer accessible to us.  But the Spirit of God is ready to guide us into faithful ministry in exile. Come journey with us.

You might also consider watching a 45-minute video by Dr. Mark Labberton on finding ourselves in exile. Click here or watch below.