A Note from our Presbytery Pastor

Greetings, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

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Are you feeling like Mary these days?  Feet swollen and back aching?  Praying this baby has gestated enough and someone has an epidural ready for you?  You’re not alone.  It takes a long, long time to get from the Righteous Branch in Jeremiah to the manger in Luke.  By the time the last verse of “Silent Night” is sung and the candles are extinguished, the faithful have departed and you turn toward home, what will you remember of this time of preparation?  Will it be the trips to the hospital to pray with the dying?  Will it be the wrangles over stewardship and budgets that linger until the end of the year?  Will it be the faces of overwhelmed families that have come to you for counsel or a hand-out?  Will it be the weight of waiting or the awareness of who is missing?  

Regardless of how we serve God with our lives, for all of us, this season is jammed, and for most of us, the jam has little to do with the birth of our Lord.  I’d like to offer a wee prayer for you.  As you pass the flame from candle to candle on Christmas Eve, may your eyes meet God’s in that dim light, and in that moment, may you know the height and breadth and depth of the love that brings this infant to our midst.  May your weariness turn to boundless joy, may your spirit be renewed, and may you rest in the knowledge that God is still God, after all.



New Editions of the Book of Common Worship - NOW AVAILABLE!

Set of 3 for $110!

Purchase separately: Book of Common Worship $50; Pastoral Edition $35; Daily Prayer $35. We currently have several copies available at the Presbytery Office. Please click link below to place your order or contact Beth to pay and pick up at the Presbytery Office today!

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Over the last several years, more than 180 consultants and writers from across the denomination, representing today's broad, diverse Presbyterian body, gathered for one of six regional consultations to edit existing resources and write new material for the 2018 edition of the Book of Common Worship.

Responsive to the many changes in the church and world since the last revision in 1993, the new edition has been reimagined and redesigned to meet the needs of today's church. It is more informative, more user-friendly, and more flexible. Want to see sample prayers, the full table of contents and more? Click here to access a digital brochure about the Book of Common Worship!

Notable Features about the Book of Common Worship

The 2018 Book of Common Worship will be user-friendly and conducive to various worship styles. Notable features include: 

     - Improved organization. Easy navigation allows users to quickly find what they need
           through an expanded table of contents, sectional tables of contents with page
           numbers, and two indexes (scriptural and topical).
     - Streamlined and simplified services. Primary services in each section are streamlined,
           allowing leaders to appreciate the rhythm, logic, and flow of the order of worship. 
           Additional texts, placed at the end of each section, provide more opportunities for 
     - Fresh, evocative materials. Theologically sound language written by diverse authors
           with different contexts in mind represent the fullness of Christ's church.
     - Singing encouraged. Rubrics indicate where certain elements of worship, such as a 
           prayer of confession or prayer for illumination, might be replaced by congregational 
           song (with hymnal numbers given).
     - More inspiration for creative worship. Descriptions of each type of prayer during 
           worship are provided so that those who desire to pray spontaneously or compose their 
           own will be equipped to do so.