Request for Clergy Renewal Grant Application

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Denver Presbytery recommends all Sessions maintain a Clergy Renewal (also known as clergy leave or sabbatical) policy for all Ministers of Word and Sacrament who serve their congregation. This policy should be included as part of a Minister’s terms of call. We recommend a 3-month clergy renewal after every 7 years of service. Clergy Renewal is an investment in the long-term future of a congregation and the minister. Denver Presbytery supports that investment by providing Clergy Renewal Grants to assist in funding the time ministers are on leave, defraying the costs of a clergy renewal for congregations. Ministers planning to take clergy renewal in the year 2020 are invited to complete an application and submit a Clergy Renewal Proposal to the Committee on Ministry for consideration.

  • The grant funding deadline is October 1, 2019 for Clergy Renewal in the year ahead, 2020.

  • Funding requests may be made by the minister or the Session. The Clergy Renewal Proposal should be approved by the Session prior to submission.

  • Grants from the Committee on Ministry are prioritized in this manner:

a. Requests from solo-pastors serving a Denver Presbytery congregation.
b. Requests from congregations with fewer than 200 members.

  • Ministers may request funding for particular activities that pertain to the renewal plan approved by the session.

  • In the event that ministers from the same congregation request funding, the Committee on Ministry may distribute the grant between the two requesting entities in a proportion that benefits both grant requests.

  • The minister shall inform the Committee on Ministry of other grants he/she receives.

  • Clergy Renewal Grant recipients (whether a Session or minister) shall provide the Committee on Ministry a written report on the renewal experience within 3 months of the completion of the clergy renewal time.

  • The size of a grant in any given year is based on the number of applications received and the amount requested. However, normally no one leave will be funded for more than $10,000. For the 2020 Budget year $50,000 has been requested (proposed budget to be approved at the October Assembly)

To apply, please submit the Clergy Renewal Application (link below) along with a Clergy Renewal Proposal that includes:

  • Rationale

  • Timeline

  • Financial Plan

  • Benefit to both Minister and Congregation

Thank you for submitting your application and clergy renewal proposal in a timely manner so that it might be considered for funding.

Questions, contact Sandy Safford, Moderator of Committee on Ministry.