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  • Proposed Docket
  • Omnibus Motion
  • Committee on Ministry - oral only
    • Honoring Retiring Ministers of the Word & Sacrament
    • Installation of Pastoral Care Team
  • Interim Presbytery Pastor Search Committee - oral only
  • Stated Clerk Report - oral only
  • Acting Head of Staff - oral only
  • Partnership of Zimbabwe & Denver Presbyteries - oral only
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Motion to approve the 2018 Revised Budget be adopted by the Assembly
  • Partnership of Zimbabwe & Denver Presbyteries - oral only
  • Council Report
    • Finance & Property - oral only (motion information)
      • Motion to approve a five (5) year extension of St. Paul’s PILP mortgage, which the Presbytery has guaranteed, extending the loan maturity date t0 2013 and reducing St. Paul’s monthly mortgage obligation by approximately $1,415
    • Office Relocation - oral only
    • Long Term Initiatives - oral
    • Leadership - video
    • Mission and Ministry - oral only
    • Relations & Communications - oral and written
    • Racial Ethnic Diversity -written only
    • Personnel - written only
  • Highlands Camp Joint Committee - oral and written
  • Presbyterian Women - oral only
  • Immigration Task Force

Downloadable pdf versions available when indicated.

Opening The Doors...

  Opening the doors

Opening the doors

Traveling Together

  Traveling Together

Traveling Together

Proposed Docket

Click here for pdf version of proposed docket.

St. James Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
3601 W. Belleview Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

Wifi login: SJPRESPresonus56         Password: JesusSaves316

3:30 p.m.    Registration begins - Please sign in at the Registration Table

4:00-4:45       Pre-Assembly Event
From Divestment to Investment: Transformational Investments in Palestine            
Since 2012 the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has pursued opportunities to promote peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people through positive investments in microfinance, energy, tourism, and education. Learn from Sherry Kenney, Ministry Relations Officer with the Presbyterian Foundation, about these investments and their transforming effect. A short video will be shown, and discussion will follow.

5:00 p.m.    Meal and Fellowship  

St. James Presbyterian Church will host and serve the meal. Tickets will be available for purchase for $8 (cash or check to St. James) at registration/check-in.

Dinner will include: cheesy potato casserole, meatballs in gourmet sauce, salad, rolls and relish plate along with lemon & chocolate Bundt cakes and a variety of cookie bars & gluten-free choices for dessert.

5:50 p.m.    Announcements ~ Wanda Beauman        

“Opening the Doors – Traveling Together”

6:00 p.m.    Presbytery Assembly Convenes      

Call to Order and Opening Prayer  ~ John Anderson  
Assembly Business: 

    Welcome to St. James ~ Rev. Wayne Darbonne and Ruling Elders Sharon Lynch & Neil Johnson

    Welcome to new ruling elder commissioners and corresponding members  ~ John Anderson

Omnibus Motion ~  John Anderson

Committee on Ministry ~  Sandy Safford

Interim Presbytery Pastor Search Committee  ~  Louise Westfall                

Stated Clerk Report ~  Olivia L. Hudson Smith

Acting Head of Staff  ~ Amy Mendez

Partnership of Zimbabwe & Denver Presbyteries ~  Ruth Huff and Rob Habiger

Treasurer  ~ John Boettiger

Council Report  ~ Jean Demmler, Moderator Pro Tem

  • Finance and Property  ~  Keith Moore
  • Office Relocation  ~ Chris Wineman
  • Long Term Initiatives  ~ Chris Wineman
  • Leadership  ~  Nancy Dixon
  • Mission and Ministry  ~  Sandy Smith
  • Relations & Communications ~ Jean Demmler

Assembly at Worship

Message - Rev. Andy Hamer 

Highlands Camp Joint Committee  ~ Maria Shupe
Presbyterian Woman ~ Starr Hildebrand
Immigration Task Force ~ Dee Cooper

Click here for pdf version of the Omnibus.


The Omnibus Motion is a process intended to speed action on routine or non-controversial matters.  Any item may be withdrawn from the omnibus motion upon request of any member of the assembly. Items remaining are adopted without discussion when the motion is approved. Items from committees or other reports will be recorded in the minutes as part of that committee or staff person’s report.

RECOMMENDED ACTION:    That the Presbytery vote to:

  1.  Approve the Docket as distributed, with such changes as may be announced at the start of the assembly.
  2. Enroll the Corresponding Members that are introduced, and grant to them permission of the floor. Names and presbytery of membership of these persons must be written on the attendance roster or given to the Stated Clerk.
  3. Approve the minutes of the March 27, 2018 Presbytery Assembly as posted on the Presbytery website, except for making any changes in the attendance roll that may be required.

THE STATED CLERK RECOMMENDS that the Presbytery vote to:

4.  Affirm the Stated Clerk Report:  2017 Minutes of Presbytery Assemblies were reviewed by the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Utah without exception.  

5. Affirm the Correction to the Annual Report of the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Denver for the year 2017 - Part A.  Corrections: Honorably Retired Rev. Rolfe Granath was received as a Minister Member of the Presbytery from Santa Barbara; that Rev. Bill Sanders’ name be added to Members-at-large as of December 31, 2017; and that Rev. Harlan Van Ort’s name be added to the rolls of temporary members. 

6. Affirm the Correction to the Committee on Preparation report on the Inquirers and Candidates for 2017:   

Current Candidates:
Name                      Status           Action Taken
Charles Conway    Candidate    Enrolled as Candidate: February 2017
Marvel Hitson        Candidate    Final Assessed: June 2017 Accepted non-called position in Santa Barbara
John Paik                Candidate    Final Assessed: July 2017
Denise Shannon    Candidate    Annual Review: December 2017
Bill Wilkin               Candidate    Annual Review: November 2017

No Longer Under Care:
Name                              Action
Olivia Hudson Smith    Received Call- Denver Presbytery
Mark Hutton                  Received Call- Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, KS Heartland Presbytery
Lemuel Velasco           Ordained and Released to the care of The Committee on Ministry of The Presbytery of Denver
7.    Affirm the Committee on Preparation report: Song Yin Paik (John) received a call (701- Chaplain Serving Other Institutions), effective May 1, 2018, and will be released to the care of the Greater Atlanta Presbytery, pending ordination on June 24, 2018.

Committee on Ministry

Click here for pdf of written report.

At its stated meetings on April 9, 2018 and May 7, 2018, the Committee on Ministry received information and took the following actions: (**indicates items for Assembly approval)

Results of Online Discussion and Voting – Motion to support the Presbyterian Youth Workers Association, Youth Workers Sabbath with up to $500 from Workshops/Leadership fund for April 5, 2018. Approved. Nineteen members responded to the discussion; all were positive and supportive. Twelve participated for a total of $276.00, which included cost for six overnight stays, 12 lunches and 6 breakfasts.

Stated Clerk: Olivia Hudson Smith
The Presbytery Center move will not likely take place before August.  The new owners of this building may resell the building as a church property.  Olivia thanked those who have executed and returned the Minor/Vulnerable Adult Protection and Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy and Procedures acknowledgement form and encourage those who have not to do so. The New Ministers Orientation facilitated  by the Presbytery’s staff was held on April 5, 2018; Mountain View United Church plans to explore affordable housing options on property not being used by the congregation; the request of Minister member, Jim Laurie, who was in good standing at the time, to be released from the exercise as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament pursuant to G-2.0507, Book of Order.
Council: Olivia Hudson Smith
Olivia shared that the previously approved budget will be modified because of an unexpected reduction in the expected Colorado Trust funds to Presbytery for 2018.  Plains and Peaks has written to the Presbytery Moderator and Moderator pro tem of Council requesting that the Presbytery explore the possibility of sharing resources. The Interim Presbytery Pastor Nominating Committee continues to receive PIFs, and continues its work with the full support of Council.   

Sabbatical Guidelines: Louise Westfall was not present and it was decided that rather than moving to a first reading of the proposed policy, the members would share concerns with the team. The committee spent time going over the guidelines.  Recommendations from members will be incorporated into the document, which will be reviewed and voted on at the June meeting.  

Sexual Misconduct Policy: At the request of the Moderator, Olivia addressed the issue of who is covered by the policy according to the wording of the policy found on page 3 of the document.  Discussion ensued regarding how the committee will work with the Sessions with whom they relate to make certain that they have a policy in place consistent with the Presbytery policy.  Pete reported on the first meeting of the task force, which includes, Heather Cameron, Carol Fisher, Pete Hulac, Diane Ritzdorf, Sandy Safford, and Paula Steinbacher (absent). The task force will initially concentrate on developing a template for congregation on the topics that need to be included as they develop or update policies.    

Commissioned Lay Pastor Ministry Team: CJ Biewenga.
Action: CJ reported and moved that the committee approve the recommendation from the team that Elder Cindy Moorman from Byers Community Church be certified as commission-ready and introduced at the May Assembly.  Approved
Pastoral Care Team: Sandy Safford reported that the entire team was installed at the Assembly. The team has developed a new brochure that is available for distribution.  

TEAM D: Diane Ritzdorf
Action items: The team moved the approval of Rev. Amy Mendez to serve as the Moderator of Session for Bethel Presbyterian Church.  Approved
Informational Update: The Ministry Information Form for First Presbyterian Brighton is posted, and the PNC is receiving matches and self-referrals.
The COM Screening Team and Designated PNC for Peoples are meeting to move forward with screening candidates.  

TEAM A: Jon Sutterlin
Action items: None
Informational Update: The Triennial visit at Good Shepherd is scheduled for June 26, 2018, and the Triennial at   Presbyterian Church of the Covenant on October 16, 2018.

TEAM B: Heather Cameron
Action items: None
Informational Update: Triennials visit at North Highlands was on April 17, 2018. Triennial visits are scheduled at Calvary on May 10, 2018, Trinity-Arvada on May 15, Providence on May 21, and, Mountain View United on July 11, 2018.
TEAM C: Ken Furlow
Action items: None
Informational Update: The team raised discussion on whether Pete Hulac’s temporary additional duties at Montview require COM approval.  The consensus is that they do not.  
On April 13, 2018, a team comprised of COM and CPM members along with the Stated Clerk interviewed Rev. Ian Cummins, to determine whether he meets the requirements of a 2013 agreement between COM and Montview Blvd. to consider his eligibility to circulate a PIF and  become a PC (U.S.A.) Minister of the Word and Sacrament.   
The installation service for Rev. David Wright was Sunday, April 15, 2018 at Westminster Presbyterian Church. 
The triennial visit at First Presbyterian of Littleton is set for June 24, 2018. 

Respectfully submitted: Olivia L. Hudson Smith, Stated Clerk

~ End of Committee on Ministry Report ~

Treasurer's Report

Click here for March Financials.

Proposed Revised 2018 Budget, click here.

Explanation for revised budget, click here.


Council Report

Click here for pdf version of Council Report.

At the stated meetings on April 3, 2018, and May 1, 2018 the Presbytery Council provided information and took the following actions:  (**indicates items for Assembly approval)

Jean Demmler, acting as Moderator pro tem (at the request of Presbytery Moderator, John Anderson) moderated the April and May Council meetings.  

Leadership Work Group  ~ Nancy Dixon
Nancy reported on the November leadership event with Jana Childers. Registration is open on the Highlands website.  Congregations are encouraged to have worship committees attend. Vice-Moderator Wanda Beauman will meet with the workgroup to discuss a theme for 2019. On behalf of the workgroup, workgroup member Ki Park moved that Council approve a request for $500.00 from the Jackson-Miller fund for discounts of $15 off the registration fee for the fall event at Highlands Camp for groups of three or more individuals from a single congregation.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report  ~ John Boettiger
John reported that the budget for first two months of 2018 reflect a $30,000 negative cash flow largely due to distributions to Highlands Camp in the early part of the year rather than throughout to help in Highlands cash flow.  Notwithstanding, the Presbytery is under budget for the revenue sources.  Finance and Property will recommend budget reductions/adjustments in light of the reduced revenue from the Colorado Trust. John provided both a Financial Statement for the period ending March 31, 2018, and the revised 2018 budget. In the Financial Statement, he pointed out the second page, Statement of Activity.  Unlike the cash flow issues in the first two months of the quarter, the cash flow in March was positive because of the amount of per capita funds received that resulted in a $59,000 plus cash surplus, and put the Presbytery in the black for the year-to-date from a $30,000 deficit in the first two months.  All departments are below 25% for the first quarter.  Regarding 2018 budget revisions, it is a moving document and has been adjusted to account for the deficit in the assumed Colorado Trust receipt.  The revisions did not cut anything, but reflect reductions because of timing issue in moving to the new location.  The revised budget reflects a reduction in the costs for rent that would have been paid had the Presbytery Center moved earlier in the year and a reduction in the compensation estimate had an interim Presbytery Pastor been hired earlier in the year.  The revised budget reflects an increase to LTI to cover expenditures that had not previously been budgeted.  The revised budget requires borrowing from Reserve Funds of $154,000.00 to cover the deficit in what had been anticipated to be a balanced budget.  The borrowed amount includes $2000.00 to increase the temporary help line item. It is anticipated that the moneys being borrowed from reserves of roughly $1,100,000 in stocks and mutual funds will be paid back. The hope is that it will be repaid next year out of Colorado Trust moneys. The proceeds from the sale of the Presbytery Center will not be tapped.  Finance and Property moved that Council recommend to the Assembly the adoption of the revised budget.  Approved.

Finance and Property Work Group ~ Keith Moore
On behalf of the workgroup, Keith moved that the former First Lakewood property be put up for sale.  Motion not approved. Following discussion, it was Council’s consensus that the workgroup develop a process to determine the feasibility of listing the property for sale, along with information on the rationale.  Presbytery Moderator, John Anderson and Rev. Amy Mendez, Pastor for Church Development and Multi-Racial Ministries will work together to determine a way forward for the Fountain of Light ministry now worshiping on the property should a determination be made to sale the property.  Keith will meet with Lighthouse Church to explore the extension of the shared use agreement while discussion continue with Lemuel Velasco regarding the Fountain of Light ministry at the Lakewood property.  
Keith recommended a tentative approval of the sale of Grace Property to the State of Colorado in conjunction with an expansion of Highway 85.  The Presbytery Assembly previously gave Council the authority to approve the sale in order to meet State-imposed deadlines.  The State’s appraisal value price was higher than that of Grace’s appraisal.  The only issue that remains to be negotiated is whether the State will pay for pavement of the new road to access Grace’s property. (This is an eminent domain situation). The motion is tentative subject to congregational approval.  Approved.
On behalf of the workgroup, Keith moved that Council recommend to the Presbytery approval of a five (5) year extension of St. Paul’s PILP mortgage, which Presbytery has guaranteed.  The extension will extend the loan to 2031 and will reduce the monthly mortgage obligation by $1,415.  Approved. 
Keith provided information that Mountain View United is exploring the possibility of using part of its property for affordable housing. Finance and Property will be involved in meetings as the congregation continues to explore the feasibility of this ministry.  Plans are proceeding to determine if there are ways to make our financial reports more management oriented.  

Long Term Initiatives Work Group ~ Chris Wineman
Chris moved that Council approve an expenditure of up to $9,000.00 to finance collecting information from congregations regarding cell tower leases and sells, and payment for legal expertise on cellphone contracts.  
Chris shared information received from the Wheat Ridge congregation from a senior affordable housing entity inquiring whether there are other Presbyterian congregations with land that would like to partner. 
Amy and Chris met with Lemuel Velasco about Fountain of Light ministry at Lakewood.  Lemuel does not feel ready to simply drop the ministry and concentrate singularly on Divino Salvador, but does not feel that the facility at Lakewood is the only way to deliver the ministry and is willing to talk about other locations.  
The property owner at the new office location for Presbytery has authorized construction to begin; however, is limited because he has not yet obtained the permit.      

Acting Head of Staff Report/Pastor for Church Development and Multi-Racial Ministries Report  ~ Amy Mendez
Amy offered a written report highlighting her attendance at the Synod Forum in March with Executive Presbyters, and attended by Rev. Tricia Dykers-Koenig, the new Associate for Mid-Council Relations of GA. Amy encouraged members to read the 40-page report highlighting her attendance at the Mid-Council meeting in Detroit.
Stated Clerk’s Report  ~ Olivia Hudson Smith
Olivia offered a written report that highlighted her activities including the Session records review with 41 congregations and preparation of the Annual Report based on the statistical information provided by congregations.  

Communications and Administrative Manager Report  ~ Beth Carlisle
Beth reported that the 2018 directory is out and available online. She highlighted the Mission Insite program that is available to all churches and recommends that all churches utilize the program. There is a link to the program on the Presbytery website.    
Presbytery Moderator Report ~ John Anderson
John requested feedback on the March Assembly and the theological reflection during the sermon and the theme of ministering in exile. John read a letter from Plains and Peaks Presbytery regarding their request to share resources.  Relations and Communications work group will consider exploratory ways of sharing resources while we are in a transitional period other than sharing human resources and in the future when the installed Presbytery Pastor is in place. John and Amy are discussing how the Presbytery might birth new ministries out of the death of closing churches and the proceeds from the sale of buildings. 

Council Moderator Pro Tem Report  ~ Jean Demmler
John has asked Jean to continue moderating Council for the time being.  Jean expressed a desire to explore how Council may come together more informally, getting to know one another without the formality of polity and procedures to facilitate closer working relationships.  She requested volunteers to work with her in coming up with a plan. Dee Cooper and Bill Davis volunteered.  Jean requested a moment of prayer.  
Jean raised the issue of a July Council meeting.  The normal meeting time will fall the day before Independence Day and the August meeting will fall five days prior to the August Assembly.  Three alternative dates were proposed and voted on.  The July meeting will be on July 17, 2018.  There will not be an August meeting.  

Personnel Work Group ~ Bruce Spear
Bruce moved that the Presbytery Center offices be closed on Fridays for June through August. This will allow the staff to prepare for the move and an opportunity for renewal without keeping the center open on Fridays.  Approved.

Mission and Ministry Work Group ~ Sandy Smith
The workgroup received the renewal and funding request for the Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage Mission Partnership.  The motion for renewal was Approved.   The partnership request for funding a lump sum grant of $2000 for programing was Approved. The workgroup moved approval of the formation for a new Covenant Community, Advocacy for Faith Formation initially including Peoples, Grace, Central, and Byers Presbyterian churches.  Approved. The workgroup received the renewal and funding request from the Lomagundi Mission Partnership.  The workgroup moved that Council approve the renewal of the Lomagundi Mission Partnership for another two (2) years. Approved.  The workgroup moved funding the Lomagundi Mission Partnership $8,000 for the remainder of the year payable at $1,000 each month.  Approved.
Racial and Ethnic Diversity Work Group ~ John Yu
John highlighted feedback from the recent event, 4F’s and a D, which was hosted by Peoples, well attended and resulted in three additional persons joining the workgroup.  The workgroup will try a pilot program with a cluster of congregations within a geography location to begin fearless dialogues.  
Immigration Task Force Report  ~ Dee Cooper
Dee thanked Council for the moneys allocated from Mission and Ministries for her and two others to attend Ecumenical Advocacy Days April 19 – 23, 2018.  The task force is in conversation with BorderLinks on presenting interactive experiences in Denver funded out of moneys from a Synod gift. The event with BorderLinks is moving ahead and the task force is  planning an event for Saturday, July 21, 2018, at Shepherd of the Hills.  At the request of CLP Jorge Barbaran, the group has distributed rapid response numbers. 

Relations and Communications Work Group ~ Jean Demmler
The work group is in the process of talking with GA delegates about a report from the Advisory Committee on Social Witness, on reforming our drug policy as a church.

Respectfully submitted:
Olivia L. Hudson Smith

Click here for flyer.



Leadership Retreat November November 9-10, 2018.  

Featuring: Rev. Jana Childers, PH,D., Dean of San Francisco Seminary, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Homiletics & Speech Communication.

Relations & Communications Report

Click here for pdf version of report.

Highlands Camp Joint Committee

Click here for pdf of written report.

“This Changes Everything!”
Highlands Summer Camp 2018

Online Registration for the summer of 2018 is now open!  
Highlands staff would be delighted to visit your church for a Minute for Mission, Youth Event, Parent’s Meeting, Sunday Worship or other special event!

We look forward to seeing you here at Highlands this summer!  When you come be sure to check out the new carpeting in the Retreat Center lobby, Antelope Cabin and Chapel. . . it’s beautiful!  We will also be staining the outside of the Retreat Center this summer.

In August we will begin $50,000 in repairs to our decks and bridges on the Retreat Center.  We have found rot in the gluelams which support these structures, and in August we will be replacing these beams.  This fall we hope to install a new braking system for the Zip-Line.  

Highlands is a place, where young people get to come and explore their identity in Jesus Christ.  
Highlands is a safe place.  
Highlands is a community of people who will become life-long friends.  
Time at Highlands is spent doing things that build memories, courage, a sense of adventure and faith.

But, we are not just a summer camp. We are your place in the mountains.  
A place for time away.  
A place to grow closer to family.  
A place to be empowered for your ministry in the world. 
A place that changes everything because of all that you make possible.

Spend your Summer Holidays at Highlands . . . .Your place in the Mountains! 

Memorial Day Weekend:  May 25-28, 2018
Fourth of July:  July 1-6
Labor Day Weekend:  August 31-September 3, 2018

Highlands is offering their lowest rate for any night in 2018!  $90.00 the lowest rate we will offer in 2018. Rooms available that sleep up to 6 people.
Join us for summer fun . . . canoeing, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, archery, star gazing and campfires with s’mores can make this a special summer for your family!  Meals are available.
On July 4th join us for the unique experience of a small town Colorado parade and picnic!  Ride through the streets of Allenspark on our float . . . or enjoy the entire parade with front row seats!  Then join our community for a picnic, games and activities!  No charge for the picnic on July 4th!

Introducing Marieke Culby, Director of Operations:  Ten years ago, we began talking about the need for a Director of Operations. Highlands is very excited to announce that we have hired Marieke Culby as our Director of Operations.  

In her cover letter, Marieke wrote:  
This position blends my favorite elements of camping ministry and hospitality in a location that is dear to my heart. I love creating the guest (or camper) experience. The elements that set up for the “magic of camp” and ministry to happen...from first phone conversations, to spotless bathrooms, to savory food service, to a staff that makes everyone feel welcome. Highlands shows a connection to each guest experience, making their time worthwhile, filled with renewal and a place set apart making a difference. 

What can I offer Highlands? Dedication to developing the staff team, hard work, experience and genuine Christian hospitality. I bring retention, word of mouth marketing, a welcoming atmosphere filled with warmth and a sense of being wanted. Food service is my “bread and butter” for driving growth. I love catering to Colorado’s unique palate. I’ve found that through embracing specialty diets - groups and people come back in folds. Presentation is every¬thing for facilities and maintenance is best done on a preventative basis. The moment guests drive on site starts to set the expectation for their whole experience. And last but not least - hospitality isn’t delivered through one staff - it’s delivered through every staff - I believe in backing our mission through caring and having fun doing so. 

In person, Marieke embodies these words, and we are looking forward to having her on our staff.  We look forward to introducing Marieke in person in November at the leadership event!

Events you won’t want to miss . . . 

“Seeing is Believing” . . . 
Join us for a Summer Camp Closing Celebration
June 22, July 13 and July 20

Join us at 4:00 p.m. on one of these Fridays for a tour and update about Highlands.  
At 5:00 p.m. we’ll join the Summer Camp Closing Picnic and Celebration.  
You’ll hear stories from the week, see photos of our Summer Camp in action, and experience the joy campers feel at the close of camp.  
Let us know your coming by sending an email to  
Seeing is believing!

Fall Arts Camp for Adults
October 19th -21st   
     Our fall weekend will feature fused glass, precious metal clay and a new class in embossed metal art!
Arts Camp is a great place for beginning and experienced artists to try something new!
Register online at

Annual Highlands Christmas Party & Auction
Saturday, December 1st
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We welcome donations from artists and craft folk. Your creativity will support the ministry of Highlands!

Steps are already being taken to plan for new programming . . . We are planning a Middler Retreat for March 1-3, 2019.  We have several churches interested in helping to plan this program for 5th to 8th Grade students.  If you would like to be a part of planning this event, please let me know!! You can reach me at  

Respectfully submitted,

Maria Shupe,
Executive Director

Immigration Task Force

Click here for invitation to BorderLinks workshop.

The Presbytery of Denver Immigration Task Force invites you to an:


Why Don't People just come into the country legally from Mexico? This is a day exploration that will invite a broader understanding of the complicated issues. Facilitated by BorderLinks*

WHEN: Saturday July 21 - 8:30 to 5:00 pm
WHERE: Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church (map)
COST: $20 (includes lunch) Pay with credit card online, to right or click on button at bottom of page to pay by check.

In today's climate people are asking the following questions:

  • Why do people migrate?
  • What happens during the migrant journey?
  • How do policies impact people?
  • Why don't people just become US citizens?

*A PCUSA supported non profit- organization that has been facilitating educational immersion trips for delegations in the Arizona-Sonora region and beyond the border to Chiapas. Their mission is Through dynamic educational experiences, BorderLinks connects divided communities, raises awareness about the impact of the border and immigration policies, and inspires action for social transformation.

We are honored to have the expertise and facilitation skills of these experiential explorations.  This is for the entire Denver Presbytery, members of churches, clergy, elders, anyone interested in exploring these issues in a engaging environment. 

Registration online is highly encouraged as the number of facilitators that are coming is dependent on planned attendance. Click here to register today!

Scholarships are available, please contact Dee Cooper.

Racial Ethnic Diversity

Click here for pdf version of the report.

“Inspiring Mutual Affirmation of Ethnicity in the Presbytery of Denver”

Racial Ethnic Diversity Work Group held “4F’s & a D” event on Friday, April 13, 2018 at Peoples Presbyterian Church. Around 40 people gathered together for dinner and conversation about race and diversity. We had a great variety of food from different cultures. We watched two videos – one a short, comical video about where one is from; the other a TEDx talk about diversity in America. The event was warm and welcoming. Conversation was cordial, informative, and eye opening. People commented that the night was not hard hitting, yet very provocative. Overall, it was a night of good food and edifying conversation that opened the eyes of lots of people.

RED will be sponsoring a regional gathering and dialogs within the Presbytery. The dialog will cover topics such as racial ethnic inclusion, white privilege, cultural diversity, etc. A pilot event will begin shortly. Please continue to pray for the work of diversity in our Presbytery, and be a part of fearless dialogs about these important issues (we are good at fearless monologues, but fearless dialogs are needed). More information will follow.

If you want to be a part of this wonderful workgroup and help plan these events, please contact Rev. John Yu (512-699-7892,, moderator of RED.


Click here for pdf version of report.

The Personnel Work Group of Council consists of Christine Beitzel, Bill Davis, Jean Demmler, Peter Hulac, Karen Yarberry, and Bruce Spear

1.       The Personnel Work Group continues to meet each month to support the current Presbytery staff and to work on “a plan and rationale for the future staffing of the Presbytery.”

2.       The Personnel Work Group is mindful of the increased workload of the current Presbytery staff, their superb performance of their duties, and the need for some respite this summer given their various travel and vacation schedules. Thus, the Personnel Work Group recommended to Council the following:

a.       The Personnel Work Group recommends an increase of $2,000 to the 2018 budget for temporary office help. This line item was cut to $1,000 in 2018 and is insufficient to cover the need for temporary office help, especially given the summer travel and vacation schedule of the currently reduced staff of the Presbytery Center.

b.       The Personnel Work Group recommends that the Presbytery Center be closed on Fridays during the months of June, July and August 2018. The Presbytery Center usually is only open until noon on Fridays during the summer months. Closing on Friday mornings as well as Friday afternoons will give the currently reduced presbytery staff more time and freedom to fulfill their respective position descriptions.

3.       The Personnel Work Group has assigned liaisons to each member of Presbytery staff. These liaisons meet individually with members of the Presbytery staff to offer encouragement and support. The Personnel Workgroup also invites members of the Presbytery staff to meet with them from time to time at their monthly meetings.

4.       Bill Calhoun serves as a fill in for the pastoral response aspect of the Presbytery Pastor position, a position which is still vacant. As the Presbytery Pastor used to respond immediately to pastoral needs that were made known to the Presbytery office, Bill responds to those needs in the interim period. As the Pastoral Care Team used to provide ongoing support for pastors in our Presbytery, the current Pastoral Care Team led by Bill Sanders continues to serve the Presbytery in that important way.

5.       The Personnel Work Group met by video with Corey Schlosser-Hall, consultant to the Presbytery during the interim period, to discuss various aspects of their work during an interim period including the search process, the annual staff review process, and supporting presbytery staff during an interim period. The Presbytery staff will hold a similar video meeting with Corey on May 23.