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Opening The Doors...

Opening the doors

Opening the doors

Traveling Together

Traveling Together

Traveling Together

Proposed Docket

Click here for pdf version of proposed docket.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Trinity Presbyterian Church
7755 Vance Drive
Arvada, CO 80003-2101

WiFi access:   (Trinity-Comcast2.4)           Password:  (3tpc7755)

Opening the Doors and Traveling Together

3:30 p.m.    Registration begins - Please sign in at the Registration Table

4:00 p.m.    Pre-assembly
Immigration 101: Have you wondered, what is DACA? Or thought I know I am supposed to know this, but the issues seem way too complicated? This pre-assembly is for you! We will explore DACA (also called the Dreamers Act, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), TPS (Temporary Protection Status), and Driver’s License and why they are important issues regarding immigration.
Join us as Miguel Oaxaca, Together Colorado, LA RED Immigration leaders, and Rev. Amy Mendez, Pastor for Church Development and Multi-Racial Ministries, lead us in a brief orientation and then time for questions and answers.

When you pre-register on-line for the January 23, 2018 Assembly you may also register to attend this informative gathering

5:00 p.m.    Dinner and Fellowship
Trinity Presbyterian will provide the meal. Tickets will be $8 at registration/check-in. Spaghetti and meatballs, enchilada casserole and gluten-free, vegetarian lasagna with salad will be available.  Cookies for dessert. 
6:00 p.m.    Presbytery Assembly Convenes                    

Call to Order and Opening Prayer                                        


Welcome to Trinity                          
Assembly Business:

Welcome to new ruling elder commissioners and corresponding members                                        

Omnibus Motion                                   
Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program Presentation             

Committee on Ministry - Introduction of new Minister of Word and Sacrament member:                     
    Rev. David Wright (Westminster)                     
Installation of 2018 Moderator and Vice Moderator              

Worship and Communion (with offering)                            

Treasurer’s Report

Introduction of new Minister of Word and Sacrament member:
   Rev. Jordan Warntjes (New Hope) 
Council Report                                   

    Long Term Initiatives                                             
    Finance and Property                        
    Mission and Ministry   
    Ecumenical Ministry

Nominating Report

Stated Clerk Report                                  
Partnership of Zimbabwe & Denver Presbyteries   

Highlands Camp Joint Committee                              

Assembly Adjourns 



Ruling Elder Jean Demmler, Moderator

John Anderson, Vice-Moderator

Rev. John Anderson & Trinity Ruling Elder Commissioners

Ruling Elder Jean Demmler

Rev. John Anderson, Vice Moderator

Rev. Olivia Hudson Smith, Stated Clerk

Clare Lewis, PILP

Commissioned Lay Pastor, Sandy Safford

Rev. Paula Steinbacher

Ruling Elder Jean Demmler

Rev. John Anderson

John Boettiger

Rev. Heather Cameron

Ruling Elder Jean Demmler, Moderator Pro Tem

Rev. Bruce Spear
Ruling Elder Chris Wineman
Ruling Elder Nancy Dixon
Ruling Elder Keith Moore
Ruling Elder Sandy Smith
Rev. Justin Spurlock

Ruling Elder Dave Goss

Rev. Olivia Hudson Smith

Ruling Elder Rob Habiger

Corresponding Member Maria Shupe

Click here for pdf version or Omnibus.



The Omnibus Motion is a process intended to speed action on routine or non-controversial matters.  Any item may be withdrawn from the omnibus motion upon request of any member of the assembly. Items remaining are adopted without discussion when the motion is approved. Items from committees or other reports will be recorded in the minutes as part of that committee or staff person’s report.

RECOMMENDED ACTION:    That the Presbytery vote to:
1.    Approve the Docket as distributed, with such changes as may be announced at the start of the assembly.
2.    Enroll the Corresponding Members that have been introduced, and grant to them permission of the floor. Names and presbytery of membership of these persons must be written on the attendance roster or given to the stated clerk.
3.    Approve the minutes of the October 24, 2017 Presbytery Assembly as posted on the Presbytery website, except for making any changes in the attendance roll that may be required.
THE STATED CLERK RECOMMENDS that the Presbytery vote to:

4.    Administrative Commission for First Presbyterian Church, Lakewood
Dismiss with appreciation for the hours of attention and thoroughness in which they conducted and concluded their work, the Administrative Commission approved by the Presbytery on January 24, 2017, for one year:  The following work was assigned and has been completed:
I.    inquire of and work with the session to develop a plan for the disposition of the building and its contents;
II.    work with the session in discerning the membership needs of the congregation;
III.    be authorized to assume original jurisdiction if it is determined that the session, after thorough investigation, is unable or unwilling to manage wisely the affairs of the church particularly in regards to G-3.0201c, nurture of the covenant community of disciples of Christ;
IV.    be granted the authority to dissolve the pastoral relationship;
V.    be granted authority to inventory and receive all Session Records, retain records to conclude the business of the church, and deposit with the stated clerk of the presbytery who will forward them to the Presbyterian Historical Society;
VI.    be granted authority to grant letters of dismissal to members whose names are still on the roll; members not dismissed to other churches will remain on a roll at the presbytery for two years after dissolution;
VII.    will take possession of all real and personal property, financial records, inventories of equipment, and arrange for transfer of title to the presbytery of all accounts and real property known to be in the possession of First Presbyterian Church, Lakewood; under the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) G-4.0203 all property held by or for a congregation, whether legal title is lodged in a corporation, a trustee or trustees, or an unincorporated association, and whether the property is used in programs of a congregation or of a higher council or retained for the production of income, is held in trust nevertheless for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church (USA); 
VIII.    follow the Church Closing or Dissolution Task List.

5.    Affirm the continued validity of “Amended Articles of Incorporation”, specifically:
    Article Fourth, whereby
a)    The officers of the corporation are: Moderator (President), Vice-Moderator (Vice President), Stated Clerk (Secretary), Treasurer (Treasurer).
b)    The Board of Trustees shall be the Council of the Presbytery of Denver. 
Article Fifth, whereby
        The registered agent of the Corporation shall be the Stated Clerk.
    Article Seventh, whereby
        Following Presbytery corporate action, the signature of any two officers of the Corporation shall be valid and binding when affixed to legal documents with the corporate seal.

6.    Affirm that the Corporate officers for 2018 are:
John Anderson (President), Wanda Beauman (Vice-President), Olivia L. Hudson Smith (Secretary), and John Boettiger (Treasurer).

Background:   This action reaffirms the authorization of persons by Presbytery to act as Presbytery’s agents according to the articles of incorporation.  Such authorization is often required at times of signing legal documents.  This action is taken annually or at times of change in officers.

7.    Affirm the Stated Clerk Report:
The Permanent Judicial Commission met on December 13, 2017, to fulfill Standing Rule 3.14f. MWS John O’Lane was elected moderator; RE Neil Johnson was elected clerk.

The Synod of the Rocky Mountains approved the 2016 minutes of the Presbytery of Denver, with three exception, No record of the approved budget, No financials recorded in treasurer’s report, No summary of the auditor or financial review committee report in the minutes.

Business Denver reported on the sale of 1710 S. Grant Street on October 30, 2017, in an article by Thomas Gounley found at .


Committee on Ministry

Click here for pdf of written report.

Introduction of Rev. David Wright (Westminster) Click here for Statement of Faith.

Introduction of Rev. Jordan Warntjes (New Hope). Click here for Statement of Faith.

Introduction of Rev. gretchen Sausville (Arvada). Click here for Statement of Faith.




Council Report

Click here for pdf version of Council Report.

Click here for Leadership Event Flyer

Treasurer's Report

Click here for November Financials.

Click here for Audit Report.

Click here for pdf version of Nominating Report



Your Presbytery Nominating Committee recommends the following people to be elected to the positons for the stated terms as follows:

Committee on Ministry
Class of 2020
Robert Matchett (RE – Montview) 
Jim Emig (MOWS* - Kiowa) 
David Van Deren (MOWS - Providence) 

Committee on Preparation for Ministry
Class of 2018
Russ Kane (MOWS – New Hope) – Moderator through 2018
Class of 2020
Jason Whitehead (MOWS – At Large) 

Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries
Class of 2020
Joann Goss (RE – St. Paul)

Synod Commissioner
Class of 2019
Jean Demmler (RE – Capitol Heights) 
Janet Schlenker (MOWS – At Large) 

The Nominating Committee is always looking for persons interested in service on Presbytery committees.  If you are interested, please contact Ethan RaathSusan Boucher, Olivia Hudson Smith or Dave Goss.  

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Goss
Nominating Committee 

*MOWS = Minister of Word and Sacrament

Long Term Initiative Report

Powerpoint and oral report only.


Click here for flyer.


In 2017 The Presbytery of Denver encouraged us to step out and grow in our life and faith with Opening Doors and Crossing the Threshold. In 2018 we continue moving forward to Opening Doors and Traveling Together. The Leadership Workgroup will be offering opportunities for us to explore how we can Travel Together as pastors and congregations and out into the larger community around us.

Our first exploration into Traveling Together will be February 10, 2018 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. We are excited to present our first Traveling Workshop.  So hop aboard the bus and travel with us and find out how some of our pastors, congregations, mission partnerships, and worship leaders are already traveling together.


9:00 am    St. Paul Presbyterian ~ Board the bus
9:45 am    1st Presbyterian of Littleton ~ Pastors and congregations traveling together during sabbaticals.
10:45 am    1st Presbyterian of Littleton ~ Board the bus
11:30 am    1st Presbyterian of Aurora ~ Lunch
Elders, Deacons, & Congregational Leaders ~ Mission Partnership & How Churches Travel Together
Pastors – Partnerships Between/Among Pastors table discussions

12:30 pm    1st Presbyterian of Aurora ~ Board the bus
1:00 pm    St. Paul Presbyterian ~ Worship 

Finance & Property


Highlands Camp Joint Committee

Click here for pdf of written report.

We are delighted to introduce Danny Winters as our new Director of Summer Camps.  Danny has been on our staff since May 2017 as our Reservationist and Guest Activities Coordinator.  He grew up going to a Presbyterian summer camp, and brings a deep love for camp ministry.   Danny looks forward to meeting you at the March Assembly!

“This Changes Everything!”
Highlands Summer Camp 2018

Online Registration for the summer of 2018 is now open!  Packets have been sent to all churches in the Presbytery. Need extra brochures?  Please stop by our table during the assembly to pick them up!

Highlands staff would be delighted to visit your church for a Minute for Mission, Youth Event, Parent’s Meeting, Sunday Worship or other special event!

Partnership Day Camp: The application deadline for Partnership Day Camp is January 15th.  We currently have 15 applications with the ability to work with 16 congregations.  We are looking forward to working in local communities with our partner congregations this summer!

Are you looking for an introductory Mission Work Camp experience for your youth?  Mission Work Camps at Highlands are the answer!! Mission Work Camps are for youth entering grades 7-12 and their adult leaders.  Spend a week working alongside your fellow youth and leaders onsite at Highlands in environmental stewardship projects—maintaining trails and helping with forest fire mitigation projects. You’ll also be helping to improve Highlands’ beautiful summer camp facilities with projects tailored to your group’s ability level such as painting, roofing, and special site-improvement projects.  In addition, you’ll have opportunities for daily worship and Bible study with recreation options such as rock-climbing, challenge course, archery, canoeing, and more while at Highlands!

Events you won’t want to miss . . . 

Mt. Meeker Dinner: March 11, 2018
4:00 p.m.
All are welcome to join us as we celebrate the generosity of the donors who support the ministry of Highlands!  See Maria Shupe for details and your personal invitation!

Our first Arts Camp for Adults was such a success...that we are going to offer two in 2018!

April 6th to 8th
This weekend will feature classes in fused glass, precious metal clay and watercolor.  

October 19th -21st
     Our fall weekend will feature new projects . . . watch our website for details! Arts Camp is a great place for beginning and experienced artists to try something new!


Spring Work Day: May 12, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. +
Join us as we get Highlands ready for summer! This is a great opportunity for families, youth groups and others who love to help out!
R.S.V. P. to   
+ We will wrap up the day with lunch at 1:00 p.m. and we would love to have you join us!

Ecumenical Ministries Leaders Task Force

Click here for pdf version.

Policy for Ecumenical Congregations of Denver Presbytery
2nd Reading 

A.    A church of this Presbytery may unite to form a union church with one or more particular churches with the approval of the Presbytery. The union is effective as of the date when each of the churches have approved the plan by a two-thirds majority of those present at a regularly called congregational meeting with such notice and quorum as is required by the Constitution of each church, and when the Presbytery and the governing body of each church has approved the particular union. 
B.    The union church will share the property, real and personal, of the uniting churches and provide for the services of a minister or ministers for the union church. 
C.    The union church shall be subject to the Constitution of each church involved as set forth below. At inception, the union church shall join Ecumenical Ministries, Inc (EMI) which will serve as the middle governing body for the union church. EMI shall provide governance, as defined by its bylaws, and agreed to by Denver Presbytery. EMI shall serve as a liaison between the union church and representative governing bodies of jurisdiction, and will assist in the appointment of ministers.
D.    The union church shall be governed by a council elected by the congregation from among its members. This council shall have the powers of the session. The members of the council need not be elders, but if the bylaws of the union church provides for elders, the council shall consist of elders consistent with the definitions and bylaws provided in the Book of Order. Members of the council of the union church shall be eligible to membership and office in the higher governing bodies of jurisdiction along with elders if provided. 
E.    The council shall submit its records annually, and whenever requested, to each governing body of jurisdiction. 
F.    The membership of the union church shall consist of those who were members of the uniting churches, plus those received by the council of the union church. 
G.    The council of the union church shall report an equal share of the total membership to each governing body of jurisdiction and such membership shall be published in the Minutes of the General Assembly (or comparable governing body) with a note to the effect that the report is that of a union church, and with an indication of the total actual membership. A similar report of church school members, baptisms, etc., and financial expenditures shall be made by the council and noted by each General Assembly in its Minutes. 
H.    The minister or ministers of the union church shall be full and responsible members of each governing body of jurisdiction and shall be subject to discipline as provided below, provided that when one of the governing bodies of jurisdiction shall begin an action, it shall inform the Board of EMI of the action.
I.    The union church shall cause a corporation to be formed under the appropriate laws of the state where permissible. 
J.    All property of the uniting churches, real and personal, shall be transferred to the corporation formed. The new corporation shall be the legal successor of the corporations, if any, of the uniting churches, and it shall be bound to administer any trust, property, or moneys received in accordance with the provisions of the original establishment of the trust. All liabilities of the uniting churches shall be liabilities of the union church. 
K.    Trustees of the corporation shall be elected in harmony with civil law according to constitutional provisions outlined above.
L.    While recognizing the basic right of any giver to designate the cause or causes to which a personal gift shall go, the council of the union church shall annually propose to the congregation a general mission or benevolence program which shall be divided equitably among the officially approved causes of each denomination. The proportions shall be set by the council in response to the requests of the higher governing bodies. 
M.    Per capita apportionments or assessments shall be paid to each governing body of jurisdiction on the basis of the total active membership of the union church, equally divided among the denominations involved. 
N.    All members of the union church shall be under the discipline of the council according to rules agreed upon in harmony with the Constitution of each denomination where they coincide, and in harmony with the mandatory provisions of the Constitution of one denomination where the others are permissive, and at the choice of the council where they may be contradictory. 
O.    Appeals or complaints against the actions of the council shall be made EMI. 
P.    The minister or ministers shall participate in the denominational pension plan of one of the several churches. If the minister is already participating in one plan, membership in that plan shall be retained. If the minister is not a member of any plan, one or the other of the churches’ plans shall be chosen. 
Q.    Complaints against the administrative acts of the church council shall be taken to EMI. 
R.    Wherever the constitutions of the denominations differ, the mandatory provisions of one shall apply in all cases when the others are permissive. Wherever there are conflicting mandatory provisions (except as provided in paragraph N above), the council of the union church shall petition EMI to resolve the conflict.
S.    A union church may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of a duly called congregational meeting subject to the concurrence of the governing bodies involved. In case of dissolution of the union church, all property of the union church, real and personal, shall be held, used, applied, transferred, or sold as provided by the Board of Trustees of EMI.
T.    After consultation with the union congregation and EMI, the presbytery may dismiss the congregation from membership in the presbytery. All property, real or personal, of the congregation may be retained by the congregation or divided between the congregation and the presbytery by agreement among the parties involved, subject to any restrictions on transfer of ownership that may exist in deeds. 

Committee on Ministry 

Introduction of Rev. David Wright (Westminster)
Introduction of Rev. Jordan Warntjes (New Hope)

Mission & Ministry


Click here for pdf version of report.

Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries

The Partnership of Zimbabwe and Denver Presbyteries (PZDP) is entering its thirteenth year and is one of only two external partnerships of the Denver Presbytery. Through the many delegate visits, short-term mission service opportunities, and the Central Fund project, the PZDP continues to grow and serve both Presbyteries and the calling of Christ across the world.

In many ways, 2018 is a year of transition for the PZDP. Tom Sheffield, former Presbytery Pastor, has been a driving and leading force in this partnership since its beginning, and his retirement will leave a big hole. The sudden death of Rev. Stan Jewell last year is a significant loss in a multitude of ways.

Stan’s energy and contributions to the PZDP cannot be overestimated. Nevertheless, new leadership and members of the PZDP are poised to continue this good work.

Rob Habiger and Ruth McCollum Huff will be Co-Moderators of the 2018 PZDP Committee for the Denver Presbytery. Other members include: Christine Beitzel, Barb Lyons, Bob Springs, Dick Lynch, Manny Eulberg, and Starr Hildebrand.

This year will also see a major transition in Zimbabwe, as the country changes leadership and looks toward a new future. The full implications of this civil change is still unfolding and will continue to evolve in 2018.  As it affects our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters in Christ, it will surely affect our partnership and us.

A primary effort of the partnership in 2018 will be the advancement of the Central Fund project, an initiative of the Presbytery of Zimbabwe, aimed at generating sustainable business income for their pastors and the mission of their congregations. This exciting project is well underway and following two tracks. One track is toward leveraging over 6,000 acres of land and other property, owned by the Presbytery of Zimbabwe, for sustainable growth of the Central Fund. The other track involves current aid to pastors in a limited number of churches as a pilot program intended to not only help the selected churches, but also to gain experience in administration of the first track which ultimately will provide steady financial aid to the Presbytery of Zimbabwe. The Presbytery of Zimbabwe has formed a Business Investment Unit under their Central Fund Committee to evaluate and implement business ideas that will provide this sustainable support. The Denver Presbytery is a partner in both tracks, providing some financial resources for both the pilot and investment into the sustainable business model.
Please pray:

  • For the country of Zimbabwe, the Presbytery of Zimbabwe, its leaders and churches during this transition of governments.
  • For the leaders of the Central Fund of Zimbabwe, that they may be led by the Holy Spirit in their task of establishing sustainable support for their pastors and congregations.
  • For the PZDP in this year of transition and exciting progress of the Central Fund.
  • For the Denver Presbytery in responding to this need through spiritual and financial support.

Click here for pdf version of report.

Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Motions Acted on by Committee on Preparation for Ministry

November 14, 2017    Committee approved to continue William Wilkin as candidate

Current Candidates
Name                      Status           Action Taken
Charles Conway    Candidate    Enrolled as Candidate: February 2017
Marvel Hitson        Candidate    Final Assessed: June 2017; Accepted non-called position in Santa Barbara
John Paik                Candidate    Final Assessed: July 2017
Denise Shannon    Candidate    None
Bill Wilkin               Candidate    Annual Review: November 2017

No Longer Under Care:
Name                  Action
Olivia Hudson    Received Call- Denver Presbytery
Mark Hutton      Received Call- Westminster Presbyterian Church in Ottawa, KS; Heartland Presbytery


Stated Clerk Report

Oral report only.