Encircling the World Prayer Book


Encircling the World is a children’s prayer booklet that is both a resource and an invitation to pray for children in our ethnically diverse congregations.  It challenges the churches in the presbytery to become the church of the stranger by welcoming and standing with refugees, migrants and other displaced children in the community and in the world.  

Why this book? As Christian community one of the fundamental ways we come together to express our faith is through worship. Our times of worship thus become important opportunities to remember and pray for those who are displaced, and to commit ourselves to working for peace and justice on their behalf.  

Many of these prayers are quite personal.  They reflect how a child sees the world in which they live, and they can only hope and pray to live in a better world.  We encourage you to see the names, pictures and churches so that you can intercede in prayer for each child encircling the world in our Presbytery.   Download your copy here and let the prayers begin!