Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center NEEDS OUR HELP!

A message from Executive Director, Maria Shupe:

We are very grateful to Geoff Nobel, Gary Forbes, Michael Hanratty and members of our international summer staff who have all been working hard on our deck repairs!  It has involved many hours of building support structures, removing nails and screws, and preparing the beams.

I’m happy to report that this project is going very well!  Today, with the help of a crane, the beams on the decks for both Longs Peak Dining Room and Meeker Dining room were pulled out and replaced with the new beams.  Now the work is to replace all of the joist hangars (Michael anticipates 360 for the entire project), cap and protect the beams  and replace the decking.  Then we will move all of the support that has been built under these two sections and move it the section of the deck outside Hidden Room Dining room.

We could use volunteer help with this project!  Do you have folks in your congregations who might give a day or two to help pull nails, reinstall joist hangars  and build support structures?  We’d be glad to provide meals and overnight accommodations.  

If you can help, please contact Maria Shupe at Highlands, 303-747-2888