History of the Montview Boulevard Communion Table


Montview's Communion Table with one minister's chair.  The gentleman shown who is sitting in a chair next to the historic communion table is Dr. William Easley.  Bill Easley is a retired Denver dentist who remains very active at Montview Church at the age of 92.  He joined the church as a member of the communicants' class in the spring of 1937.  Over the years Bill Easley has served as a deacon and as an elder, a number of terms in each office.  Today he is the Montview Church member with the longest tenure as a member, 81 years.  After returning from WWII, Bill Easley joined the Westminster Choir in 1947 and he continues to sing in the choir every Sunday, a tenure of 71 years.  Bill Easley remembers very well when the historic communion table sat in the very same spot as shown in the photo and when that area served as the chancel of the sanctuary (The Auditorium) which was dedicated in 1918.  When Bill Easley's parents joined the church in the late 1920s (at that time Bill was just a child), the sanctuary and the communion table shown here were just about 10 years old.  What a long history and what an amazing experience Bill Easley has had as a member of Montview Church.


Montview communion table arrives at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, returning to church after 60 year absence, Tony Johnson (left) Montview Church sexton, and John Howell, Montview Church elder, wheel the communion table into the building, March 13, 2018





Montview Communion Table is back in its original location of 100 years earlier.  "The Auditorium" at Montview Church served as the sanctuary for 40 years (1918-1958).  Seen also in the photo are two large minister's chairs (originals) and one pulpit (original).  "The Auditorium" at Montview has since been converted into an area for theatrical presentations (since 1970), therefore the sets on the stage behind the communion table and in front of the huge blue stained glass window.  The blue window was installed in 1952.



Montview's Communion Table as it is today.  The table is located in the Montview Heritage Center (The oldest part of the Montview building, constructed in 1908-1910).  The original minister's chairs are situated on either side of the communion table.  The table and other parts of the Heritage Center displays reminds us all about serving others and they serve as connections to our earlier history, 100+ years ago.

Image (2).jpg

Photo of Montview's Antiphonal Choir (photo taken in late 1940s) with Montview's Communion Table, including candles and cross.  The location of the Communion Table is the same as shown in earlier photo taken March 13, 2018.  The Antiphonal Choir was made up of 7th through 9th grade girls.  This is a typical photo showing how the Communion Table looked over the 40 years (1918-1958) during the time The Auditorium was used as Montview's sanctuary.

The communion table was used at the Presbytery of Denver Center for many years.  It has now been returned to Montview. 

Thank you to Bob Matchett for making sure it got back to it's home.