222nd General Assembly (2016) - Post GA Bulletin Inserts Available

2016 “What happened at General Assembly?”

Give your church members a fast, accurate and fair account of what happened at the General Assembly.  We’ll explain how the assembly voted on the most significant issues – from new denominational leadership to the world’s concerns.

You can provide them with a summary of the news in a bulletin insert the day after the assembly adjourns prepared by the award-winning Presbyterian Outlook news team. Download it and print as many as you need.

The PDF is just $20 for congregations with less than 250-members and $30 for congregations greater than 250-members.

Spanish and Korean translations available. Bulletins come in regular and large print versions. Looking for the Pre-GA bulletin inserts? Click here.

Churches with membership less than 250 = $20
Churches with membership of 250 or more =$30

Presbyteries are invited to order for all of their congregations for 1 cent per member. Call George Whipple to order: (800) 446-6008 ext. 756

The Presbytery Outlook, May 13, 2016

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OGA General Assembly Page

General Assembly News (now electronic)

Read reports & recommendations the assembly will consider

GA 222 Coverage from The Presbyterian Outlook

General Assembly Denver Presbytery Commissioners:
Ruling Elder Sharon Blackstock, Green Mountain Presbyterian Church
   Bills & Overtures
Ruling Elder Peter Hulac, Montview Boulevard
   Immigration and Environmental Issues
Teaching Elder Stan Jewell, Central Presbyterian Church
   Social Justice Issues
Teaching Elder Russ Kane, New Hope Presbyterian Church
   Peacemaking and International Issues

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