Short Term Service in Zimbabwe

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The wonderful news now is that nearly every church in the Presbytery of Zimbabwe has a pastor!  When our Partnership began there were many pastoral openings in their churches.  The Short Term Service Program was developed to help fill those vacancies, as well as give Denver Presbytery ministers the opportunity to live and serve in Zimbabwe.

As a result, Short Term Service is changing.  The Partnership is now encouraging lay people to apply.  Pastors and lay people who travel to Zimbabwe will now be spending their time building relationships: pastor to pastor, pastor to lay person, lay person to lay person.  We will be sharing, learning, preaching, teaching, growing together, building bridges, and complementing one another as colleagues in ministry.

Please give this opportunity thought and prayer and see if you are being led into sharing in ministry with a Zimbabwe minister.

Click here for complete information and printable brochure. 

To apply:
Contact a member of the Short Term Service Committee, receive an application, submit it, and have an interview with us!  Any of us would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

Frances McWilliams, Chair 970-547-0989

Parker Smith 720-979-1158

Susan Graham 303-335-8119